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a family history


In his Brussels workshop, Celso Viejo started out in the world of optics by creating cleaning products.

At the time, he also distributed several glasses brands throughout Belgium.


Four years after the foundation of Netoptic, Celso Viejo launched his own eyewear brand: Kinto.

Very quickly, a large network of opticians resellers is woven around Kinto. These links will constitute what will later be the basis of the relationship that Netoptic maintains today with independent opticians.

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1990 - 2000

The 1990's were a time of growth. The offices move and the company expands further.

In the early 2000s, Netoptic doubled its workforce.


Under the direction of Celso Viejo, the production moved to Vietnam, a country that now hosts him several months a year.


The success of Kinto in thirty-five years of existence allows Netoptic to develop parallel projects. Thus, in 2013, Celso Viejo launches Malt, a brand of glasses for men.

2017 - 2022

As research and development of Netoptic's production progresses, more brands are added to the portfolio.


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multiple brands

40 years of expertise

Know-how and identity

If all the first glasses were designed by Celso Viejo, qualified designers soon joined Netoptic. Even now, we train our own designers and work in a small team so that all models can accurately represent the brand's identity. Today, five designers create the Malt and Kinto frames, supported by Celso Viejo and his daughter Johanna.

From hand drawing to the final touch, we take care of the 300 steps of production ourselves and design our glasses in our own factory. This independence allows us to be more reactive and spontaneous.

This organization also allows our designers to take the time to design the models in collaboration. Shapes, colors, materials: all decisions are made as a team. The signature is as follows: remove all superfluous elements from the eyewear to focus on the detail that will make the difference.

Ergonomics is also at the heart of the reflection: the eyewear must be light and easy to wear. In an industry that moves at the pace of technical innovation, we keep in mind that every detail counts. For example, each of our Malt and Kinto eyeglasses features an interchangeable flex hinge system. This technology allows frames to be repaired directly at the optician's, with no waiting time.
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Opticians and us

At Netoptic, we are constantly looking for ways to prove that independents have their place in the heart of a dynamic and constantly evolving market.

While manufacturers are progressively tending to cut out intermediaries in order to increase express sales and reduce costs, we have chosen to work closer to the specialists.

Since the creation of the company, we have developed a continuous link with opticians. Today, these opticians form an extensive network of MALT and KINTO dealers throughout Europe.

  •   " We have built a relationship with opticians based on proximity and collaboration. They are our best ambassadors, and we often ask them for their opinion, their criticism and their suggestions on new proposals... "

Johanna Viejo

We still believe that opticians are the essential collaborators for the final customer: because they are the specialists who will best guide them, we do not conceive of a market reality without them. For this reason, in the future e-shop that will be created on the respective websites of Malt and Kinto, the project will be to include these professionals in the purchase process, while other brands have based their concept on the elimination of them. Once the customer has chosen and purchased a frame online, he or she will select a referring optician who will take care of the rest of the process.

In a context of consumer monopoly, Netoptic stands out as the next alternative: an autonomous and unlimited freedom of creation that allows us to make the customers the first satisfied.